7 Best Places to Go To in Makati If You Want Some Alone Time

Christel Payseng
7 min readApr 16, 2021

Sometimes you feel suffocated with the issues and energy going around you, but that is the beauty of life and having choices. You can have some me time, and explore. Reflect on your life and even pray if you want. Makati is a busy city, but it is also one of the most beautiful places to be if you feel like finding yourself. I have found comfort in the streets of Makati. Believe it or not I am a corporate worker, but Makati City became my favorite city, I found myself again and was able to love being with myself again. Mahal kita Makati.

1. Legazpi Active Park and Washington Sycip Park

Having quality time for oneself doesn’t need to have a big price tag, you can stroll for free at the nearby parks, Legazpi Active Park while not as big as we want it to be still remains a haven. Sit for a while, relax and enjoy the lush greenery. Sit peacefully and check the nearby Japanese garden installation in the park area. Watch cute dogs that are also strolling in the park and just sit down and meditate calmly or do some jogging or perform brisk walking. Have a short but lovely get away. Rest your eyes in the greenery, listen to some harmonious music and best of all find some time to pray and commune with God, silence is key. To enjoy you don’t really need to always be in a noisy place or spend anything. This part of Makati is safe, has clean comfort rooms and offers you a very relaxing spot and safe space. It is a nice little escape from the chaos. Very pleasant best of all its free!

2. Day and Night Stroll in the Financial Streets of Ayala

We often dream of going to New York and hardly observe our own cities. But did you know that Ayala Makati is one of the best places to stroll. People are so busy thinking about their job, they will hardly pay attention to someone who is wandering around. If you feel like going on a simple walking adventure, check out the financial buildings and just observe how many coffee shops they have. You will be amazed at how beautiful the streets of Ayala is especially on a Sunday morning when the rest of the residents are inside their homes instead of the office. It will feel like you are walking in the streets of New York or something like it. Buy your favorite Milk Tea or drop by one of the coffee shops in the area and watch as the people go by. If you are a dreamer like me, and if you are someone who has yet to find their destiny in the world, perhaps you would want to explore and live in Makati City for a while to find solace–

3. Glorietta Mall Arcade

I am a child at heart, despite being single and already in my 30’s, I still love dropping by arcade areas to play a bit of games and even sing when I have time to remove pain and tension. We are too busy at times, to really go outside of Makati, due to the time constraints we cannot help but become mall rats ourselves. I am not encouraging that you waste your money here all the time. Just go to the arcade if you feel really hurt or angry and you want to have a bit of exercise and relieve the stress and tension. Play some games, try all the games. Glorietta Arcade has some of the most interesting machines and fun games- for 30 minutes or 1 hour you can be a child again.

4. Filling Station Bar Cafe — Makati

Premium Steak? Beer? Sausage? Good Music, Classical and artistic vibe, Fun atmosphere, really good coffee and wonderful textures and design interiors plus its open for 24 hours. I always feel happy when I drop by at the Filling Station Bar Cafe, thought is a little bit pricey, the visit is always worth the experience. If you happen to visit at the right time, you might even see the servers perform a dance rendition of a 60’s or 70’s song. The place is very delightful and very Instagram worthy.

5. Art in the Park — Jaime Velasquez Park

Unfortunately they only do this event once a year, but Makati remains the home of some of the best art galleries in the country. Jaime Velasquez Park is still a very serene place and conducts different activities each year- just stay observant and look out for which dates they have an event-

6. Cafe Libertad

Don’t feel like walking due to a really warm day? Why not try this hidden coffee shop instead. Get a 100 PHP brewed coffee that is really delightful with muscovado sugar and listen to really good music. The owners of this place know how to select the perfect music, plus the wi-fi is really fast. If you do not want the crowded coffee shops, you can try finding this gem. I will not tell you the address, just google if you are really interested and just explore a coffee shop that has a jazz night event at night.

7. Greenbelt Shopping Mall

Greenbelt will always be Greenbelt, it has a calm effect on your soul. Best of all it hardly gets crowded. It remains one of the most interesting and charming shopping mall in Makati despite so many other malls cropping by. It is complete from day to nigh time activities and still houses some of the best noodle shops and buffet. Best of all, if you are done strolling in Greenbelt you can visit Glorietta and Landmark too. I personally love Greenbelt when I want some alone time, it hardly gets crowded. Despite living in Makati for 5 years now, it is still my favorite place. This is the home of some of my most favorite restaurants. As a writer myself I have so many quiet moments here. I love the lush greenery and the pond, and I am looking forward to the Newly renovated Ayala Museum, plus their comfort rooms have bidet!

There are many other places in Makati, coffee shops and stores that I have not mentioned yet. If you have your own story and favorite place in Makati that you would want to share email to kali.alaia777@gmail.com. I will be updating this list from time to time.

Best of all if you need some free time, meditate, relax and call in the name of Jesus Christ so that the Prince of Peace will come to your Heart.



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