Battle of Guardians_ Built with Game Utopia & Economic Sustainability

Christel Payseng
4 min readFeb 16, 2022

Battle of Guardians has been around for quite some time. This multiplayer block-chain PvE and PvP fighting game was designed so players can immerse themselves in a new, exciting, and competitive fantasy world. Players can select their own NFT-asset characters, and hone their skills by battling other online players.

Immutability or Rarity Factor

Smart contracts were set in place for the Battle of Guardians. There are hard limits in the availability of these non-fungible tokens, and developers also impose permanent properties that cannot be changed even after these NFTs are released.

This is what makes Battle of Guardians one of the most secure types of NFTs existing in the metaverse right now. There is provable scarcity, to ensure that the digital assets you own here have value in real life. The immutability quality of this NFT is needed given that there are thousands of gamers and crypto investors looking into cashing in through these games.


Battle of Guardians values interoperability. It has a lot of tokenized assets inside the platform which provides an array of benefits as you go.

BOG was built to last, developers want a stable gaming economy with long-term potential while ensuring that the gameplay remains entertaining by incorporating immensely creative graphics and one-of-a-kind NFTs.

Positive Characteristics of BOG

  1. In-Game Currency

$BGS and Fighting Point $FP act are the official currencies in Battle of Guardians. They created a dual token model with the purpose of increasing value and profits. $BGS is used for buying NFT characters, governance as well as staking. While the $FP can be used for synthesizing NFTs and required so players can enter the tournament mode where they gain the chance to get more rewards.

Battle Focused

Traditional android and PC games require you to have a great set of teammates to work with so you can expand. But this can get very frustrating if you cannot find the right qualities in a team, especially if hardly anyone is playing Battle of Guardians in your area.

To resolve this issue, the game developers made sure that BOG doesn’t need you to coordinate with teammates.

There is no need to get distracted by the performances of others. Experience fewer feelings of frustration since you don’t have to worry about teammates lagging behind. It is player-centered, it is between you, and the enemy in front of you. And the better your character and skills- the higher the chances of becoming an elite god warrior.

Renting NFT Assets

There comes a time in your NFT gaming life when you are not able to play it due to various reasons.

Battle of Guardians created a system wherein you can rent out your NFT assets to keep them active when you are not able to focus on them.

This system also allows newcomers to rent out fighters via the marketplace removing the barriers of gameplay and improving accessibility. Scholarships and guilds are also made available through their systemic model. Just sit down and relax while others earn for you.


Battle of Guardians game developers learned through the previous mistakes of other NFTs who met problems with their sustainability. It enforces guarantees that the NFT assets are truly valuable.

The character designs, environment, combat rules result in high playability. The economic model is also one of a kind, and the rewards are much more enticing. You can choose to become a human, guardian, or demon.

Expect to play characters with spunk and ambition. Characters inside Battle of Guardians can have superior Cybernetic battle suits that increase the chance of eliminating opponents.

Become a defender of the light and attain the soul of the wind as you protect the land with all kinds of demonic attacks!

Game designers also made sure to include various tactical attributes for each. Humans for example rely on their wit, guardians on their strength, while demons can regain their health faster.

Health points and measures of vitality are assigned for each character making it easier for a gamer to understand how to possibly combine characteristics that would help them to level up faster.

And with further updates coming, it will come as no surprise if Battle of Guardians' popularity rises even more!




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