Because of the increase of wickedness, the love of most will grow cold

Living each day on this earth is becoming extremely painful and stressful. In a time, where the knowledge and information is at an all time high, we wonder why humans are not able to interact and get along.

In a time, where the knowledge and information is at an all time high, we wonder why humans are not able to interact and get along.

In an age, where most people have access to the internet, vast information at the touch of their hands it seems that the apathy is getting stronger. More and more people are becoming cold, indifferent to the needs of others. And if by any chance you have a kind heart and the willingness to share, your light could easily go deem after you realize that your kindness can be easily abused.

Most of the time, people are now thinking about themselves, how they can save their own life, how they can protect their own property, how they can dupe other people to earn more. Instead of using their wisdom and knowledge to improve the lives of many, the information is withheld and not shared with the fear that if everyone gets an access of this then resources would become limited. So we are currently living in a world likened to a desperate forest, with an ecosystem filled with soul predators and if you are not wearing the armor of God, you can easily become the prey- if not the predator.

Family members are becoming greedy and jealous of each other’s success. Many family members just talk to each other when they need financial help, or something that would help them gain something. People in the work place are finding ways to destroy their co-workers for their own gain, and the office life is still very much a big competition and not a source of peace and good feelings about work. People nowadays are constantly finding ways to put down each other. This is not surprising at all, because the Bible has already stated that the hearts of many will grow cold. Many people will become easily offended. Seeing people fight over petty issues and political issues has become our morning news on social media. It is now a normal sight to see people slander each other that the human psyche and ideas of evil are constantly seen in the films that we watch, the songs that we listen to. We as humans are growing desperate and it is now clear more than ever that we are indeed in need of a Savior.

Because of the increase of wickedness, the love of most will grow cold

Matthew 24:12

We live in a time where a lot of people would rather take their own life than continue living. We feel as though we are pushed in the wall with no room to breathe. Our money, our financial successes, our family, our husband and wife, our children, our friends, our business partners, our neighbors, even our Church leaders are no longer able to reach our hearts due to the depths of wickedness that has set in. We are living in a time where there is hardly any morals, where sex with animals has become a regular pornographic item.

One cannot help but wonder how we have come to this, but it should not come as a surprise, this was long written. If we are reading the Holy Scriptures, we should be well-informed that these are already the signs of the times, these are the birth pains that will signify that this world is nearing its end, that the power of Satan is about to go dim and that the real light of the World, the son of God which is Jesus Christ is coming soon. That although we don’t know the exact time and date we must now be very vigilant and put our focus on the coming of Jesus Christ.

People who do not have Jesus Christ in their hearts, will live in a cold, distant and apathetic world. Life and work will be a drag, the persecution of this world will not make sense. Many would even choose to commit suicide out of anger, out of disillusionment, hoping to find an escape. But those who are already alive in Jesus Christ, and have invited the Holy Spirit to come in, know that there is nothing that we should be worried about. We can be happy even in the midst of persecution. We can be happy in the midst of chaos, and turmoil. We do not need to fear the works and powers of evil, because Jesus Christ has already won and our soul is already ransomed by Jesus Christ– and that these suffering are just for a very short time- we will soon go home and go back to the real Promised land. We will soon see the mansions that Jesus Christ has prepared for us,when we ascend with Him.

Sin and lawlessness will be rampant everywhere at the nearing of the times, and the love of many will grow cold. We as True Christians, will be alive in Christ, and although we will experience many perils here on earth, we are ready to take our Cross and live in Christ- even as the world is burning–because we already know the Good News- and the Good News, the Salvation, by the true Grace and love of Jesus Christ is the message that we should now be sharing- in our remaining life.

That although the world will become unkind, that the people around us will be filled with anguish, despair, lack of will and self control. We who are alive in Jesus Christ, would remain hopeful. That despite the many attempts of this world to stir our heart to evil and block our eyes, so that we too may fall and sin, curse others and be angry– our souls will not get attacked and affected. And although we can never be perfect as only the love of Jesus Christ is perfect, we have the light shining in our hearts–we have the Deep Love of Jesus Christ. And because we have Jesus Christ in our hearts, the cold, apathetic and bitter world that we are living in have no power to destroy us– we have already been redeemed, ransomed, paid for with the blood of the Sovereign God, Jesus Christ.

As Apostle Paul said, ” Let us not get tired of doing good, for at the proper time we will reap a harvest if we do not give up.Therefore, as we have opportunity, let us do good to all people, especially to those who belong to the family of believers”. ( Galatians 6:9–11)

Remember to forgive and love one another, just as Jesus Christ has forgiven you.

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