Chelsea Manalo: A Surprising Turn of Events: Reflecting on the Miss Universe Philippines 2024 Results

Christel Payseng
2 min readMay 27, 2024

The Miss Universe Philippines 2024 results took many by surprise, including myself. Like many others, I expected the crown to go to Ahtisa Manalo or Alexie Brooks. They were the darlings of social media, consistently garnering attention and praise. Miss Taguig was also a popular favorite due to her extensive pageant experience.

Initially, I wasn’t fully on board with Chelsea Manalo’s win. However, upon closer inspection, I realized she truly is a stunner. Representing Bulacan, Chelsea has a unique background — she’s Batanguena and Bulakena, with her mother hailing from Batangas, and she is also the first Black Filipino American representative from the Philippines.

Many have likened her beauty to a “Black Barbie,” with comparisons to supermodel Naomi Campbell and Disney’s Princess Tiana, especially with her breathtaking white swan gown during the finale. Chelsea exudes a humble, feminine energy, embodying the quintessential “dalagang Pilipina” — demure and understated. Her lack of media exposure has likely helped her maintain an unbiased image, free from preconceived notions.

Watching her walk, I was impressed by her high-end, Naomi Campbell-like presence. As an experienced model, she knows how to carry herself with grace and sophistication, producing stunning photographs. Her cheekbones are striking, and her Instagram showcases powerful photoshoots and videos. With the right wardrobe, styling team, and a boost in confidence, while retaining her individuality, Chelsea has a strong chance to shine on the international stage.

Chelsea’s advocacy is also noteworthy. She champions the rights of migrant workers and supports Overseas Filipino Workers (OFWs), a cause close to many Filipinos’ hearts. This advocacy, combined with her overall package — beauty, fan base, and communication skills — sets her apart. However, success in Miss Universe often comes down to destiny and divine will.

One area for improvement is her social media presence. Although her quiet approach has its merits, increasing her online visibility could be beneficial. Humility remains crucial in pageantry, and Chelsea exemplifies this trait beautifully.

Congratulations, Chelsea Manalo! May the Lord Jesus Christ guide you on your Miss Universe journey.



Christel Payseng

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