Felip SB19 Ken: Face Faces Music Video Honest Review

Christel Payseng
2 min readApr 6, 2024

Yesterday, I’ve been itching to react to this new song. This is the catchiest, most vibrant tune ever released by Felip.

What I love about Ken here is the depth of his creative spirit. You can really feel the raw emotions he draws from, and you know that the emotions he’s expressing here aren’t fake.

And that is what we need from artists nowadays. You see, he seems nonchalant, but as he continues to grow as an artist, his true and deep colors as a performer emerge, and I’m loving it.

You can sing “Fake Faces” when you’re in deep reflection. Because sometimes, all we see is the glitz and glamour once a person achieves success. But the hardest part in life is retaining your authentic self once you reach success — who are the true friends, even among your family, who truly loves you, whether you’re successful or not.

And I believe in SB19, the strongest testament to how they cope despite the setbacks of the industry and constant hate is their faith in Jesus Christ, because in trying times like this, you need a solid foundation from which to draw strength, or else you’ll lose yourself.

In here, Felip also shows us his capacity to become an international singer. As they say, even after listening to “Fake Faces” several times, it never gets old, and that’s really the key to a viral hit song — it should stick in your head, it should be a bop. We’re also loving this Felip guitar era. He can release a rock-pop vibe tune which reminds me of Simple Plan, by the way.

The music video shot in Tarlac is also aesthetically pleasing, the running effect is beautiful, and this MV deserves to reach millions of views. It was released just yesterday, not even 24 hours yet, and it already raked in 96k views.

This is a super banger song, so if I were you, start streaming it and check out the YouTube account for proper streaming support. This MV is so strong that even in Mexico, it’s making huge waves. Mexico loves Felip’s vibe. Congratulations, Ken, hopefully, you’ll see this.



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