Inauguration of Officers: Charter President Vee Watson Natividad and the Inner Wheel Club of San Pedro Diamond

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4 min readFeb 27, 2024

In a momentous event last February 18, 2024, in Filinvest Alabang that radiated enthusiasm and commitment, the Inner Wheel Club Diamond San Pedro humbly inaugurated its officers, with Vee Watson Natividad assuming the important role of Charter President. Amidst a backdrop of anticipation and excitement, this induction ceremony marked the beginning of a journey fueled by dedication, compassion, and service to the community.

The Inner Wheel Club Diamond San Pedro, is an organization dedicated to humanitarian causes and community development. With an illustrious background characterized by an unwavering dedication to philanthropy and a deep-rooted passion for effecting positive change. The members embody the spirit of service and empowerment that defines the Inner Wheel Club.

As Charter President, Vee Watson Natividad assumed the mantle of responsibility with grace and determination, pledging to uphold the values and principles that lie at the heart of the Inner Wheel movement. With her visionary leadership, the club aspired to reach new heights of impact and significance, touching the lives of individuals and communities with acts of kindness, compassion, and generosity.

The induction ceremony itself was a testament to the unity and camaraderie that permeates the Inner Wheel Club Diamond San Pedro. Members, guests, and dignitaries gathered to witness the historic moment, sharing in the collective excitement and sense of purpose that filled the air. Amidst heartfelt speeches, inspiring anecdotes, and expressions of gratitude, the stage was set for a journey marked by collaboration, solidarity, and meaningful action.

As Charter President, Vee Watson Trinidad articulated a bold vision for the future, emphasizing the importance of inclusivity, innovation, and empowerment in all endeavors. With a diverse array of projects and initiatives planned, ranging from community outreach programs to educational initiatives and healthcare initiatives, the Inner Wheel Club Diamond San Pedro stood poised to make a lasting difference in the lives of those it served.

The INTERNATIONAL INNER WHEEL CLUB members promote friendship and foster international understanding. We are women volunteers in service, doing our part for a better and stronger world.

The Inner Wheel Club of Manchester was founded in 1924 by Margarette Golding, the first of nearly 4,000 Inner Wheel Clubs today. By 2022, Inner Wheel has grown to more than 120,000 members in 100 countries.

Members are the core of all Inner Wheel Clubs managed by elected Club Executives. Four or more clubs can form an Inner Wheel District with elected officers. The growth of Districts led to the formation of National Governing Bodies in several countries.

Office bearers hold positions for 1 to 3 years where each year starts 1 July and ends 30 June. Every Inner Wheel member has the opportunity to hold office, to experience, to learn, and to lead. It is a nurturing platform for young adults to start.

58th IWCPI National Convention:

Inner Wheel Club International 100 years Anniversary Celebration at Manila Hotel with it’s International President Mdm Trish Douglas
Here in the photo is past District Chairman Derlyn Maceda at Inner Wheel Club of Rosario Diamond at the Manila Hotel
Day 2 with Star Villanueva :Inner Wheel Club: 58th National Conference Talent Night Competition



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