Is the rash on your face caused by Lupus?

Most people who are diagnosed with Lupus are super hard working. Before their Lupus diagnosis, their mind and body are already subjected to high levels of stress due to overwork.

Half of the patients who have lupus also suffer from rheumatoid arthritis and other skin diseases. They have overlapping illnesses that attack their bodily organs. If not diagnosed early, it progresses to diabetes, kidney failure, nerve damage, and rheumatic heart disease.

Celebrities who have Lupus include Selena Gomez, Lady Gaga, Michael Jackson, Seal, NickCannon, and Toni Braxton.

Lupus is unpredictable, a patient can have severe lupus in 1992 and feel fully healed in the year 2000. Lupus can be removed from their entire body, and women can even give birth during that healed period. However, lupus can return after 6 years making this illness very hard to assess and resolve.

Different Faces of Lupus

One of the most telling signs that a person has Lupus is what they call the Butterfly Rash.

It is called a butterfly rash because it takes the shape of a butterfly. Formally it is called a malar rash. It is often present in people who have an autoimmune disease.

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A butterfly rash covers both cheeks, particularly the upper portion, and it will be connected in the middle across the bridge of the nose.

The tip of the nose and the nostrils are not affected. It’s as if the wings of the butterfly are covering the cheeks and the bridge of the nose. It can vary in shape, and in some Lupus patients, the rash can also be present in the eyelids, jaw, forehead, and jaw area.

It is either red or blue in hue, there will be no itching unlike in eczema, and it will be mostly dry and scaly in texture. You cannot simply scrape a butterfly rash because this is an immune system disorder and has to be cured from within.

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Lupus or malar rash is transient, which means it will come and go during periods of Lupus flare-ups and remission. Sunlight and even fluorescent lights can trigger butterfly rash and it can persist for weeks depending on the stress level of the body.

When a butterfly rash flares up, doctors recommend applying topical steroids and sunscreen to offer quick relief. The anti-malarial and immunosuppressive medications also offer long-term treatment. Unfortunately, these solutions do not strengthen the immune system.

New Breed of Homo Sapiens

The medical community are looking into stem cell therapy- particularly Mesenchymal stem cells.

Stem cell therapy is the kind of therapy that heals the cells from within. It was designed to reduce body flare-ups and heal the body most naturally. It reduces the uncertainty in the life of Lupus patients.

The main idea is to supplement the body with high volumes of fresh new stem cells. To receive a fresh set of mesenchymal stem cells to help the body gain a boost in its ability to fight off inflammation caused by autoimmune disorders.

Mesenchymal stem cells are taken from the patient’s bone marrow or a donor that matches their profile. It can also be through donated cord tissue and other tissues in the body. The great thing about Mesenchymal stem cells taken from a person’s bone marrow is that the body will not reject them. You no longer require a donor match.

Stem Cell clinics use cord-tissue-derived mesenchymal stem cells that are ethically sourced. These cells go through rigorous testing before they are used for treating diseases.

At Feeling Good at Any Age One-Stop Rejuvenation Center located in Covina, California patients undergo therapy in an advanced clinic with proper supervision from the medical team.

Address: 274 Badillo St, Covina, CA 91723, United States

Actress-singer, author, and film producer Lourdes Duque Baron is a staunch stem cell advocate.

74-year-old Lourdes Duque Baron experienced the healing of her Osteoporosis by way of stem cell therapy.

Lourdes Duque Baron during a photoshoot taken July 26, 2019 — she was 72.

Receivers of billions of stem cells herself, she attests to the truth and efficacy of this rejuvenating and immensely powerful treatment.

Address: 274 Badillo St, Covina, CA 91723, United States


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