Life, Career & Story of Park Seo Joon Part 1

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September 25, 2020

Park Seo Joon has a lasting impact, he was given by God unlimited charms- and he remains one of the most bankable and highly respected celebrities in the world. Which is why we at the Good Humans Club decided to write about his life, history and story of how a Park Seo Jun came to be.

Early Life of Park Seo Joon

Park Seo Joon was born in December 16, 1988, and his real name is Park Yong-gyu. He was born in Seoul, and has two younger brothers who are both taller than him and married.

Park Seo Joon wasn’t always interested in acting and the entertainment industry, but destiny would have it, a classmate commented that they think he should become a model.

Because of this idea that was pushed inside his mind by classmates, he was inspired to take up lessons in acting while in middle school. Despite the objection of his mother and father, he promised them that he will do well with his grades, so they gave him their blessing.

Park Seo Joon joined the animation club, and this is when this interest for acting increased. He started getting used to the attention he is getting from others due to the creative pursuits he was doing. He originally wanted to become a baseball player, but it became clear that becoming an actor is the way to go.

He enrolled in Seoul Arts University and focused on acting as his major. This is the same school where Kim Ha-neul the star of romantic comedy film My Tutor Friend attended and Son Ye Jin ( Crash Landing On You) studied.

While inside the University, Park Seo Joon started having problems with his self-esteem, and asked himself if he was really meant to become an actor, he asked himself if acting is really for him. Doubts crept inside his mind, but thankfully he was surrounded by the right people.

Classmates and teachers gave him the right advice. He was able to overcome this chapter in his life and proceeded doing well with his acting lessons. He also made the wise decision of enlisting early in the army to fulfill the mandatory requirement of the South Korean government. The training inside the military gave him a sense of purpose, it broadened his mind and made Park Seo Jun stronger.

He was even assigned to oversee tough cases, he witnessed incidences where homicide and murder happened because they had to help clean up the crime scene, as a part of training. After realizing how blessed his life is, his resolve to be stronger and do better in life strengthened.

Entering the Acting & Film Industry

After his mandatory enlistment in the military, film and advertisement projects did not arrive easily. He had to undergo so many rejections. Some casting agencies even told Park Seo Jun that he should get some plastic surgery so he can become more acceptable to the entertainment industry. Thankfully, he was introduced by a good friend to Kim Soo Hyun. It was actor Kim Soo Hyun who gave him the number of what would become the first agency of Park Seo Jun.

The agency was so impressed by Park Seo Jun, because apart from acting he also knew how to do Hapkido and boxing due to his military training. Park Seo Jun was also able to avoid unnecessary alterations and decided not to go with plastic surgery. Park Seo Jun said in an interview once that he was very grateful for the help that Kim Soo Hyun extended to him when he was starting out his career.

The Music Video that Changed the Career of Park Seo Jun

Park Seo Joon’s career took for a better turn after he got featured in Bang Yong Guk’s single ” I Remember”. in 2011. Bang Yong Guk was a South Korean rapper and music producer.

Park Seo Joon was hardly recognizable on this music video, but his superb appearance earned him good credits. His emotional and pure acting skills, earned him the attention he needed to get more roles in the K-drama industry.

Park Seo Joon plays the role of a man who had a troublesome relationship, a man who would do anything for the woman he loves. It was the video of Bang Yong Guk’s but Park Seo Joon’s intense stare and heart wrenching glare became so unforgettable.

In 2013 and 2014 all the hard work finally paid off, and Park Seo Jun was able to land the role for the TV series Pots of Gold and One Warm Word.

However, these roles didn’t turn him into an immediate household name. It would take more work and TV appearances to get noticed. It was in Witch’s Romance where Park Seo Joon got the chance to become a male lead with Yoon Dong- Ha. He played the role of a man who falls in love with a woman already in her 40’s. Park Seo Jun gave justice to the role and this paved the way for more shows.

Park Seo Joon had high praises for co-actor in Witch’s Romance. When asked about what he feels about kissing Um Jung Hwa. He said, “She acts young. I felt her that her vibes were like a young girl’s. I don’t think there’s anyone her age that acts like that. As an actor she’s very innocent.”

Park Seo-joon and Baek Jin-hee were rumoured to be dating. But both of their agencies denied this claim. Some say that they have been dating for two years now, but when the rumours spread their agencies put a stop to it and said that they were only close friends. According to some media representatives, Park Seo Joon and Baek Jin hee did not want to make their relationship public, because it can destroy their careers.

Park Seo Joon also denied that he dated Baek Jin-hee during a press conference. It just so happened that they both lived in the same neighborhood, but people should not think they are dating.

Park Seo-Joon said, “I also read the news and there was one thing they were right about. It’s true that we live in the same neighborhood. I moved to the area after getting advised to do so because my old neighborhood had many problems with parking but I didn’t know that it would cause such a big problem.

Park Seo-joon said, “Actually, I think that many people didn’t anticipate this project.( Kill Me, Heal Me) But no one knows unless the lid opens. I also think that the viewership rating is God’s realm but thankfully, I think our project has the perfect balance between directing, scripts and acting.”

The rumors soon died out, and Park Seo Joon moved on with other projects like his breakout role in the film The Beauty Inside.

Park Seo Joon also starred in TV dramas like Dream High 2 (2012) One Warm World in (2013), and he also became the host of Music Bank.

Very few people know this but Park Seo Joon like IU had their share of TV hosting days. Park Seo Jun is a very versatile actor, he can dance, sing and do hosting performances.

He sang the OST of Dream High 2 with JB, titled “New Dreaming”, “Come Into My Heart” — A Witch’s Love OST, “Letting You Go” — Kill Me, Heal Me OST (2015), “Long Way” -She Was Pretty OST, “Each Other’s Tears” (Sun Woo Ver.) — Hwarang: The Beginning OST (2017)

Park Seo Joon also starred in The Chronicles of Evil stage greeting in Busan, 2015.

It was the 2015 Kill Me, Heal Me and She Was Pretty that would really make Park Seo Joon famous.

She Was Pretty was so famous when it aired on MBC from September 16 to November 11, 2015. It was well received in South Korea with a peak rating of 18.4% and it became famous in China. She Was Pretty was the drama that landed Park Seo Joon the Excellence Award for Actor in a Miniseries at the 4th APAN Star Awards.

She Was Pretty was also the reason why Si Won Choi and Park Seo Joon became good friends. Si Won Choi was seen attending Park Seo Joon’s younger brother’s wedding.

Park Seo Joon was also rumored to be dating co-actor Hwang Jung Eum but this was also denied by the two. During an interview Park Seo Joon said.

“It is the first drama on a free-to-air channel where I am acting as the lead, but fortunately it seems to have ended perfectly. At the start I felt a lot of pressure, but I feel really fortunate that it ended well. I learnt a lot from this project in which I starred as the lead”.

Unexpectedly, I received a lot of attention and love so it feels very strange to me, but at the same time I feel very thankful. In order to live up to the attention and love I am receiving now, I will feel a little burdened to come up with a good project.


Kill Me, Heal Me and She Was Pretty paved the tremendous popularity Park Seo Joon is receiving now. After these projects this is when he realized he was already famous. Many people know him now, that he exists. This is when he started seeing many reports and comments about him online. At first, it didn’t feel real to him. He still had that feeling that he wasn’t that famous yet.

Hwang Jung Eum once stated, “I really like working with Park Seo Joon. When I was working with him in ‘Kill Me Heal Me,’ I got a sense that he is a fun and talented actor. I think he has stepped up his game now. His character is different. I thought to myself, ‘He’s one ambitious actor.’ When I look at Park Seo Joon, I just know that he is going to succeed.”

The actress also said, “Park Seo Joon and I work very well together. He picks up on things really quickly and has good sense. If I act roughly towards him on set, he makes the atmosphere bright. I don’t [have the rights] to dare to talk about his acting, but my friend Park Seo Joon does very well. He’s fun, so there’s a flavor to his acting. I thought, ‘Ah, nice~’ while I filmed.”

Hwang Jung Eum also said that Park Seo Joon’s lips are a bit thick that she thought she was kissing a wall or something, and then laughed. She also said that Park Seo Joon had sent her a text message that read, “Thank you for filling the parts where I was lacking.” She said about this, “It was the same for me. Thanks for filling up the parts where I was lacking. It felt like the balance was right.”

Despite the massive success Park Seo Joon is receiving, the actor managed to remain humble. During an interview he said.

“Fortunately, there are more opportunities than before. It was incredibly difficult to get work in the past, but now I’m able to find work with more ease.”

In 2016, Park Seo Joon was able to work with BTS V and Park Hyung Sik for the historical drama Hwarang: The Poet Warrior Youth with Go Ara.

Hwarang wasn’t well received by audience in South Korea, but it still managed to get good reviews in the Philippines, Malaysia and Romania. It was after all a powercast. It was also the first period drama of Park Seo Joon where he got to act with a sword and look valiant and mighty.

Hwarang was also the drama that led to a long term friendship with BTS V Taehyung and Park Hyung Sik.

During an interview, Park Seo Joon said that he doesn’t think of BTS V as an idol or a star because that would put distance between them. He thought of him as a good friend. They got really close while filming for KBS drama” Hwarang”, together with Park Hyung Sik. Park Seo Joon sees Park Hyung Sik and BTS V as very easy going people in real life.

Park Seo Joon wants to play different roles and reinvent his image. After the period drama Hwarang, he moved to another project ” Fight for My Way”. Unlike Hwarang, ” Fight For My Way” received massive love in South Korea.

Park Seo Joon had to prepare for this role, and do extensive exercises. He starred alongside Kim Ji-Won. Park Seo Joon is known for immersing himself into the roles that he is playing, taking on the life of the characters as if they are real.

Which is why rumours of dating his co-actors constantly resurface. Park Seo Joon and Kim Ji Won’s chemistry is so strong on screen. They also wrote on each other’s scripts, “ Dong Man, I love You.” by Kim Ji-won while Seo-joon responded by, ” Ae Ra, I love You”. Park Seo Joon revealed that after he finishes a project, he always leaves his co actor some notes. The notes that he writes are not for the actors, but for the characters that they played.

During an interview Park Seo Joon admitted that he purposely met Kim Ji Won so they can practice. He said that she was worried and wanted to do well. All her worries disappeared while they were filming ” Fight for my Way”.

His personal feelings for her is very positive. Park Seo Joon said that Kim Ji Won is so amazing, and that he wants to work with her again and hopes he can do so in just a few years.

To Be continued in Part 2, Stay Tune!




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