Repair of Alzheimer’s disease and stroke with stem cell therapy

A new study was able to prove the ability of stem cell therapy to cure brain damage and enhance memory function caused by dementia and stroke.

The study performed under UCLA published in the Science Translational Medicine proved that a one-time injection of experimental stem cell therapy has the ability to speed up the recovery of the brain including memory function in mice who have stroke and dementia.

Dementia comes with a range of symptoms like memory, attention, communication, and physical coordination problems. One of the usual causes of dementia is Alzheimer’s disease and white matter strokes.

What are Glial Cells?

In the completed study, the research team made use of “ Specialized type of Glial Cells”. These types of cells surround and support neurons that reside in the central nervous system. Stem Cell and Regenerative medicine experts thoroughly evaluated the effects of glial cell therapy by injecting it into the brains of mice who are suffering from the same brain damage issues previously seen in humans with early to middle stages of dementia.

This method was earlier discovered by a UCLA professor named Bill Lowry. They were able to quickly produce huge amounts of glial cells by treating human induced pluripotent stem cells together with the drug Deferoxamine.

“Upon injection, our cell therapy traveled to damaged areas of the brain and secreted chemicals called growth factors that stimulated the brain’s stem cells to launch a repair response,” according to Dr. Irene Llorente, the paper’s first author and an assistant research professor of neurology at the David Geffen School of Medicine at UCLA.

The repair response limits the advancement of damage, it also improves the development of new neural connections, while increasing the creation of myelin, a vital fatty substance that is vital to covering and protecting the neural connections.

A program director at the National Institute of Health of Neurological Disorders Francesca Bosetti further supported the study and elaborated

“Understanding the role that glia play in repairing white matter damage is a critically important area of research that needs to be explored. These preliminary results suggest that glial cell-based therapies may one day help combat the white matter damage that many stroke and vascular dementia patients suffer every year.”

Futuristic Therapy Trends:

In the near future, due to optimistic results brought by numerous clinical trials. It is to be expected that cells will be mass-manufactured, frozen, and then shipped to various hospitals on a global basis. Stem cell therapy would be used for early signs of white matter stroke, and other patient-specific cell therapies and created using each individual patient’s own cells.

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Actress-singer, film producer, and author Lourdes Duque Baron and Michael York are dedicated stem cell advocates.

Lourdes Duque Baron & Michael York

Stem Cell therapy leads to the incremental improvements that allow Lourdes Duque Baron and Michael York to continue living with amazing energy and boosted immune systems.

Lourdes Duque Baron Photoshoot at age 74( 2021)

Receivers of billions of stem cells both attest to the truth and efficacy of this rejuvenating and immensely powerful treatment.

Michael York a highly respected actor became an advocate for stem cells after receiving treatment for his Amyloidosis and Multiple Myeloma.

While 75-year-old Lourdes Duque Baron experienced the healing of her Osteoporosis by way of stem cell therapy.

Lourdes Duque Baron’s book titled New Breed of Homo Sapiens is set to be released in 2022.




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