SB19 Leader Pablo Urges Unity Among P-Pop Fans Amid Rising Tensions

Christel Payseng
3 min readJun 11, 2024


In a heartfelt message, SB19’s Pablo reminded fans of the group’s core mission: to elevate Filipino culture on the global stage. This timely reminder comes amid increasing fan wars and toxicity within the P-Pop community.

“I have to agree that I’m sometimes guilty of this,” one fan confessed. “I’m a huge supporter of SB19, and when a newcomer tries to share the limelight, I tend to get negative. But Pablo’s reminder is spot on.”

Pablo emphasized that SB19’s primary goal is not just to gain recognition within the Philippines but to bring Filipino music and culture to the world. “It means SB19 is laser-focused on exceeding expectations globally, not on internal battles,” he said. This focus on international success should unite rather than divide fans.

Recent online voting for the best P-Pop group by Nylon magazine highlighted these tensions. Accusations of hacking the voting system led to Nylon halting the votes due to the toxicity that ensued. “It’s good they stopped it,” another fan noted. “Pitting groups against each other isn’t helpful. It generates interest but also unnecessary comparisons, which can become toxic.”

Pablo’s call for unity resonated deeply, with fans acknowledging the need to support all P-Pop groups, not just their favorites. “We shouldn’t have a crab mentality. We should lift each other up,” one fan urged. “We can’t support everyone with the same intensity, but we can avoid bashing.”

The fan continued, “When we see groups like BINI or Alamat gaining attention, as A’TIN (SB19 fans), we should be happy for their success and hope for more collaborations. A’TIN means all of us — we share our victories. When any P-Pop group excels globally, that victory is for everyone, not just one group.”

Pablo echoed this sentiment, urging respect and recognition for all who strive to uplift Filipino culture. “There’s no reason to spread hate or drag fellow Filipinos down. Our goal is the same at the end of the day. We are not enemies. We are proud of and respect everyone who makes strides to uplift the country.”

As fans celebrate Independence Day, Pablo’s message is a call to remember the bigger picture. “One fan commented, ‘Let SB19’s achievements do the talking. I’d rather stream their songs on Spotify and YouTube. That’s the true way to support them. It’s better to be nonchalant about negative comments.’”

Pablo’s reminder is a powerful call to action for unity and mutual support within the P-Pop community, fostering a spirit of collaboration and pride in Filipino achievements worldwide.



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