Relaxing Vloggers on YouTube

She features tranquil videos, the videos are so peaceful and relaxing that you don’t even need to understand Chinese to appreciate it. Her preparation and cooking videos are well loved all over the world. She features the peaceful lifestyle that you can have in Pingwu, Mianyang and Sichuan.

She features the use of basic ingredients and tools using Chinese techniques. If you are looking for a video that is filled with lush greenery and environmental relaxation make sure to watch and subscribe on her YouTube page. Most of her videos feature traditional foods and antiques. Food preparation videos, how to create make-up and wine. The video features nature, delicious cooking and soothing music.

“The only narration is friendly banter between Li and her grandmother, but the sounds — the singing of birds, the crunch of frost underfoot, the thwack of a cleaver, the sizzle of frying garlic — lure you into an trance, so you don’t even notice how many videos you’ve binged.”

Hemispheres Magazine

2. ASMR Peaceful Garden Teatime

What could be more relaxing than watching and listening to someone prepare tea. ASMR Peaceful Garden Teatime on YouTube allows you to imagine that you are having a peaceful afternoon. With birds singing, the sound of eater flowing and fragrant flowers. Imagine tasting blooming tea and eating edible flower cookies using a tea in a pretty teacup. This video is sure to help keep your body and mind warm. It will help you calm down your thoughts and sleep peacefully.

3. ASMR Hair Salon, Straight Perm, Haircut, Shampoo, Brushing

There is nothing more soothing and relaxing than listening to someone cutting a person’s hair. This ASMR Hair Salon combines every soothing sound that you hear inside a salon and spa. If you find that you are at loss for words and wanted to stop your thoughts from hurting you then listen to this ASMR by Myaling. There is a lot of effort and detail put in each video. The sounds are so relaxing and natural.

4. The Ultimate Stir-Fry — Cooking in the Forest — ASMR

Despite the video being filmed in 2016, it remains one of the most satisfying ASMR relaxing videos on YouTube. Imagine hearing the background river music and someone cooking fresh organic veggies, meat stir-fried on fire in the wild nature. This video makes you feel like leaning back and relaxing as you watch a really good ASMR cooking!

5. Building Swimming Pool And House (Bamboo 100%)

There is a lot of ancient construction techniques that we no longer know how to do. Just imagine building an entire swimming pool without using any high tech materials, using just your bare hands and wood? Primitive Tools gives an exciting way to view construction techniques. The videos are immensely creative. It makes you imagine a swimming pool made out of bamboo in the middle of the forest- it takes your mind back to the primitive ages- but with a relaxing twist.

6. Build The Most Beautiful Underground House Villa by Ancient Skills

Watch a hard-working woman do her clever construction projects using ancient skills and knowledge. Watch as she slowly constructs a lovely house and fills the space with lovely plants and nature decors.

7. Dianxi Xiaoge

Watch Dianxi Xiaoge, a Yunnan Native post her daily excursions and way of life in the country side. See her explore a hundred years old mango trees and watch her prepare dishes and salads including glutinous rice and many more. See the life of a real family in the country side, and the many pleasures of living in the farm.

If you want to simply close your eyes and listen, binaural beats and healing frequency music can do wonders for your mind and body. There are so many healing frequency music you can choose from. Heal nerve damage, cleanse the body and rid of parasites and inflammation, or simply remove the gas pain in your body as you sleep. Make sure to pray before listening to have a most restful sleep.

For the real rest can be found in Jesus Christ…

Happy watching, we hope you can find the best relaxing videos that will help ease anxiety and even physical pain. God bless.

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