The Hotel Industry, Robots and Artificial Intelligence in 2034

The Future of Hotel Industry is About Personal Touch

Emphasis on Minimalist Designs

Hot and Cold Shower By Demand

Artificial Intelligence and Voice Controlled Functions

Artificial intelligence will redefine what High Quality service means. Guests who order bottled water for example from the in-room menu will no longer need to call the reception, a simple Hi or Hello to the in house concierge built inside the room would do the trick. It’s like having your very own butler inside the room. A built-in service robot would perform all functions that guests need saving guest a lot of time. If you need to draw the blind a robot will do this for you. You can just push a button or select options and extra towels would immediately be delivered to you. Robots could even be timed so it would know when to shut down the lights so you can get much needed rest.




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Christel Payseng

Christel Payseng

Writer, PR Media, Literature Hobbyists, Digital Marketer