Tombstone Pillow nominated as Best Inspirational Film in Barcelona, Spain

The WSXA International 2021 Yearly Awards in Barcelona, Spain nominated Tombstone Pillow for Best Inspirational Film.

The creators of Tombstone Pillow had a vision in mind, and that is not simply to entertain but to expand the audience understanding, that it may lead to a change of perspective, or to challenge viewers to do something.

Actress-singer and producer Lou Baron playing Olivia

For films to have genuine social impact, it must combine technical proficiency with a heartfelt storyline.

Ian Taylor Ignacio & Blake Salcedo

The film is about a 9-year-old girl who gives the Philippines’ wealthiest widow a tour of a graveyard thousands of poor people call home, where she discovers what real riches are.

Lourdes Duque Baron as Olivia

Tombstone Pillow is nominated in Italy, New York, India, Amsterdam, Czech Republic, Canada, Japan, Cebu, Manila, Los Angeles California, Paris and was also screened in Russia non-stop in various international film festivals.

It was immensely applauded by film critics due to the films ability to balance effective filmmaking, cinematography, entertainment value, and social impact. It did so in a way that was creative and inspiring.

The musical score of Tombstone Pillow was crafted by American Israeli musician, record producer and songwriter Hagay Mizrahi who also worked with Post Malone, Common Kings, Mario Barret, Christina Aguilera, Taboo, Lil Twist, Lourdes Duque Baron, and Christina Millian for a series of hit songs.

List of Awards & Nominations:

· LA Shorts International Film Festival (Nominee) (Los Angeles)

· Around Films International Film Festival (Award Winner) (Amsterdam)

· New York City International Film Festival (Best Actress Nomination)

· Global Short Film Awards Cannes (Best Screenplay and Best Cinematography (Winner) (Cannes)

· Global Impact Film Festival in DC (Nominee)

· Exit 6 Film Festival (Nominee) (England)

· New York Movie Awards (Award-winner)

· Hollywood Gold Awards (Award-winner) (USA)

· Venice Film Awards (Award winner) (Italy)

· New York City Independent Film Festival (Award winner)

· Morehouse College Human Rights Film Festival (Nominee)

· Top Indie Film Awards (Japan Screening) (Award Winner)

· Prague International Monthly Film Festival (Winner) (Czech Republic)

· All Asian Independent Film Festival (Nominee) (Manila, Philippines)

· US Hollywood Int’l Golden Film Award (Award Winner)

· Film for Peace (Award Winner) (Toronto, Canada)

· Concepcion Independent Film Awards (Award Winner) (Chile)

· ICP Entertainment Film Festival (Nominee) (USA)

· Asian Cinematography Awards (Nominee) (Manila, Philippines)

· New York Cinematography Awards (Best Cinematographer)

· Golden Wheat Awards (Official Selection) (Turkey)

· Social Short Antwerp Film festival (Nominee) (Belgium)

· Golden Jury Film Academy (Nominee) (Mumbai, India)

· Indian International Short Film Festival: Cinemascope (Calcutta, India)

· Queen Palm International Film Festival (Silver Awardee) ( Palm Springs, California)

· Accolade Film Global Competition (Nominee) (California)

· Florence Film Awards (Official Selection) ( Best Inspirational Film Award)

· Paris Film Festival (Best Inspirational Film Award)

· WSXA International 2021 Barcelona, Spain (Nominee for Best Inspirational Film)

· ARFF Film Festival (Semi-Finalist) (Berlin)

· Cebu International Film Festival (Nominee)(Philippines)

· Dumbo Film Festival (Nominee) (New York)

· Sweden Film Festival Official Finalist


WSXA & ARFF International Community is a network based- film collective gathering international filmmakers and artists around the world. The aim of this international film fest is to enhance collective consciousness of filmmakers through collaboration-based work opportunities in Germany, Spain, Netherlands, and France.

Watch the full film here:



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