Vin Diesel starts filming Chronicles of Riddick’s third installation

Christel Payseng
2 min readMay 15, 2024

There’s a reason why Vin Diesel became an A-list actor, and it’s not just because of the Fast and the Furious franchise. One of the best films he made in his career is “The Chronicles of Riddick” back in 2004. This was a sequel to “Pitch Black” in 2000, but surprisingly gained more attention due to its strong storyline and aesthetic appeal. While the first film received negative reviews and didn’t earn much, “Riddick” was a commercial success.

It’s about a fugitive named Riddick who evades bounty hunters and mercenaries. If you liked the story of John Wick and Dungeons and Dragons, you’ll also enjoy “The Chronicles of Riddick,” albeit set in a futuristic world involving an alien race.

Riddick is a Furyan, believed to be an extinct race of warriors. His enemies are the Necromongers, who seek to eliminate humans who refuse to follow them. Almost everyone has been converted to their cause except Riddick, making him their primary target.

What’s interesting is that the aliens have superpowers including telepathy, and the emotional intensity of the fight scenes matches Vin Diesel’s personality. Even his iconic shades from the 2000s became part of the character. No other actor could portray Riddick, so despite Diesel’s high talent fee, he was brought back for the role.

Today, Vin Diesel is worth $225 million and remains one of the most successful action stars. Despite not receiving high scores on Rotten Tomatoes, “The Chronicles of Riddick” became a pop culture classic loved by sci-fi fans. Diesel’s strong onscreen presence ensures any spin-off will still have support.

Nearly a decade later, who would have thought that a third Riddick movie would be made? The original writer, David Twohy, returning makes it even more exciting. Filming is set to begin in August 2024, with a high chance of Karl Urban and Dave Bautista returning. In this third installment, Riddick will finally discover his way to his homeworld, Furya, which he barely remembers. They’ll still be at war with the Necromongers, but there will be new enemies.

At 56 years old, Vin Diesel teased a comic on his Instagram, possibly introducing younger characters similar to Riddick, with night vision granting eyeshine.



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