When Silence is Not Golden: Lourdes Duque Baron

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When Silence is not Golden is a compelling nonfiction book that tells the story of a family that came to appreciate the difficulties they faced and recognize the gifts that autism brings.

Gregg Robinson Baron, Lourdes Duque Baron, Dr. Robinson Baron

Critically acclaimed author Lourdes Duque Baron discusses her personal experience caring for her autistic son, Gregg Robinson Baron.

And how, thanks to Elvis Presley, he learned to comprehend and express himself through music.

When Silence is Not Golden provides an up-close and eye-opening look at how the autistic mind differs from others.

A pivotal point in the book “When Silence is Not Golden” takes us back to the age of eight, when Gregg spoke his first words.

As Baron narrates.
“ He watched for the first time the movie, “ This is Elvis”
The film, a semi-documentary biography of the King of Rock 'n'Roll, focused on Elvis Presley’s extraordinary rise to stardom and his untimely death rather than his music.
A moving chronicle of the singer’s life and outlines Presley’s private moments, including his inability to cope with his popularity, his seemingly
destructive moments in his last performance.

As Elvis Presley’s life unfolded on screen, Gregg sat in front of the television unmoving, captivated, enraptured, and fully alive. He viewed the same images we saw six years prior, on that fateful day on August 16, 1977, when Elvis’s death was broadcast around the world.

Gregg sat with rapt attention and unwavering focus in front of the television, watching the more than two-hour film.

I’ve never seen him act like this before as if his mind was actively working.

He was thinking about what he saw on the screen.

Later that evening as Robin and I were getting ready for bed, I heard stomping
They come out in the hallways, softly at first but becoming louder and louder and louder.
Gregg is at it again, Robin said. He was convinced Gregg was
having another meltdown. What is it this time? I sighed in exasperation and headed to the door.

As soon as I opened the door, I saw Gregg down the hallway, walking to
and fro, stomping as he went, rousing everyone in the household
But I also heard an unusual sound, a guttural voice that
I could not identify it. Gregg, what are you doing? What
is going on I cried out. He ignored me and went on as
before, packing back and forth, all this time excitedly
He wailed and flailed his arms.
Honey, what’s wrong? I came forward to calm him. When Gregg
turned around and faced me. I realized it was his voice I was
hearing. He was babbling some words I did not understand.

E-L-V-I-S... E-L-V-I-S, ELVIS... Gregg continued. It took a
moment to completely process what was going on. My son was
talking! Hearing him speak turned me speechless and immobile. I could
not understand what he was saying, which sounded like an alien
language. Yet there was unmistakable joy on my son’s face as he
danced and jumped while blabbering incoherently… E-L-V-I-S… E-L-V-I-S, ELVIS!

As Gregg babbled on, I listened carefully and tried
to make sense of the words coming out of his mouth. What
is he talking about? Then it dawned on me, and I finally
understood what Gregg was saying ELVIS! He was saying Elvis Pres
leys name. He was spelling Elvis’s name.

When a child with autism spectrum disorder makes their first attempt at communication, it is a significant moment for the parents. Hearing her son speak felt surreal; the author’s world came to a halt, and everything she knew vanished.

Through this, she was able to connect with her son, discovering and seeing him as a fascinating young man with a complex mind. As parents, they began to appreciate the challenges they were experiencing as they dealt with Autism Spectrum Disorder.

And how, through faith in the Lord Jesus Christ, they found the strength they needed to help their son grow and flourish.

When Silence is Not Golden expounds on how
communication can be uniquely developed, the different
experiences of caregivers, and inspirational stories
of self-discovery that is identified through
navigating through living colors.

Gregg came to me, Subhuman. He was devoid of social and
physical skills and was totally dependent on me. But in his
own unique ways, he gave me reverence and showed me a better
the version of myself.

Most of all, Gregg taught me the Simple
truth: The Miracle of Love is the Mystery of Life-

Duque Baron

When Silence is not Golden is slated for release in
2022, and will be available for purchase on Amazon



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